Friendly lubricant for couples when trying to conceive. It is used earlier during intercourse during the moment of ovulation. During ovulation the possessions of the cervix and cervical mucus are dynamic, This mucus is alkaline(soluble). Buy pre-feet vaginal gel, which assist feminine whom are cordially waiting to get gestation. The vaginal-gel reduces the osmotic obstruction for sperm cells and support the migration to the egg cell. This lubricant gel has a pH-value balanced to match the fertile cervical fluid (mucus) during the fertile days of a woman.nal Gel is a lubricant for couples trying to conceive at home. It is used prior to intercourse during the time of ovulation. During ovulation the properties of the cervix and cervical mucus are changing. This mucus is alkaline. Prefert Vaginal Gel has a similar ph-value like cervical mucus during the fertile days of a woman (period of ovulation in the female cycle).

Quick Overview:

How prefert lubricant works? This lubricant endorses the sperm activities begins at the specific time of ovulation: • It provides an excellent atmosphere for sperm utility • Gives perfect pH for an essential understanding • Enhances flexibility of sperm in-comparative to other lubricants • Diminishes the osmotic obstruction for sperm • Upgrades osmolarity Ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Arabinogalactan, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polyhexanide. Features: Water-soluble, Free of parabens, pH-value: 7.0 – 7.4, Colorless, No fragnance, Does not make any marks. What does lube contains? The lubricant pregnancy vaginal-gel contains: i) 4 pre-filled syringes stored with prefert vaginal gel - 6ml ii) 1 vaginal applicator, re-usable The content of this package is good for 4 applications Discard the used syringes after use. How to use this gel? Note: Clean and rinse the vaginal applicator with warm water before re-using it. 1. Deciding to conceive before taking intercourse, take out a disposable syringe of prefert vaginal-gel and the reusable applicator. 2. Take the cap off from the syringe. 3. Affix the applicator to the syringe, Insert the applicator into the vagina. 4. Apply pressure to the plunger of the syringe to push the gel into the vagina, remove the syringe with the applicator. 5. Wash out the applicator with clean, hot/cold water and store it for the next application. 6. Forthwith intercourse can begin for positive result. Is pre lubricant safe: This gel is manufactured from Germany and tested under various scenarios, It ensures the fertility improvement with no side effects and recommended for agile pregnancy. When to use this prefert vaginal gel for better result? On the 3 most fertile days of the female cycle.